Coventry Ice Rink (Planet Ice Coventry)

The Coventry ice rink is a multi-purpose arena, also known as Planet Ice or the Skydome Arena. It’s located in Coventry’s city centre, just a 10-minute walk from the main railway station.

The rink is home to a number of hockey teams, including Coventry Blaze of the Elite Ice Hockey League. It is just one of 41 ice rinks in the UK that are home to competitive ice hockey teams.

Information For Planet Ice Coventry

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Coventry Ice Rink Parking

Coventry Ice Rink’s city centre location has numerous parking options, but the downside is that you are unlikely to find free parking. The Skydome Car Park is the most convenient parking option; it is directly behind the arena and charges 70p per hour.

Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team

The Coventry Blaze is an ice hockey team playing in the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL).

The EIHL is the highest-level professional league in the UK, with 10 teams from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Elite Ice Hockey League (EIHL) Teams

Belfast GiantsGlasgow Clan
Cardiff DevilsGuildford Flames
Coventry BlazeManchester Storm
Dundee StarsNottingham Panthers
Fife FlyersSheffield Steelers
Coventry blaze vs cardiff devils-0229. Jpg

The season runs from September to March/April, and the teams will play two (sometimes three) games a week, one home and one away. The most common days for games are Saturday and Sunday, but the team will play some on Fridays or mid-week.

These games include those played in the league and for the Challenge Cup. Most of the cup games are played early in the season.

Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team Contacts

Coventry BlazeContacts & Social Media
FacebookCoventry Blaze Ice Hockey Team
You TubeBlazeonthefly

Coventry NIHL Blaze Ice Hockey Team

Coventry NIHL Blaze is an ice hockey team playing in the UK’s NIHL 2 North (Laidler) division. The team is based at Planet Ice Coventry.

The amateur NIHL 2 league is the fourth-highest in the UK, behind the EIHL, NIHL National and NIHL 1 leagues. Nine teams compete in the northern division (see below), and thirteen teams compete in the southern division.

NIHL 2 North (Laidler) Teams

Altrincham AcesNottingham Lions 2
Billingham BuccanneersSheffield Titans
Bradford BulldogsSutton Sting
Coventry NIHL BlazeTelford Tigers 2
Kingston Sharks

The teams charge for entry to games, generally £5-£10 for a non-concessionary adult and reduced rates for children and OAPs.

NIHL 2 North teams compete for the regular season and playoff titles and for the Laidler Cup. The regular season runs from September to late March, and the season concludes in early April with a playoff weekend for the semi-final and final games.

How Cold Is Coventry Ice Rink?

If you haven’t been to a hockey game before, you need to know that ice rinks are cold places (not a surprise!). And the closer you are to the ice, the colder you will be. Also, hockey rinks in the UK aren’t heated, so temperatures in the arena drop in line with outside temperatures.

For those with some experience of UK rinks, we would rank the Coventry ice rink as colder than average.

An infographic indicates that the temperature for spectators is cold at coventry ice rink also known as planet ice coventry
Coventry Ice Rink Temperature

Coventry Ice Rink Seating & Away Fan Blocks

Coventry Blaze tickets give you assigned seating, and the away fans are seated in either blocks 6 or 7 as follows:

  • Block 6 – fans of Belfast Giants, Dundee Stars, Fife Flyers & Glasgow Clan
  • Block 7 – fans Sheffield Steelers, Cardiff Devils, Guildford Flames, Manchester Storm & Nottingham Panthers

The stands at Coventry are pretty steep, which means that most seats give you an excellent view of the game.

11 Best Ice Rink Activities To Do At Coventry Ice Rink

Watching an ice hockey game is just one of many things to do at Coventry Ice Rink. There is a wide range of ice rink activities on offer, including:

  • Public ice skating sessions
  • Ice skating lessons
  • Show and skate lessons
  • Ice hockey lessons
  • Join a recreational ice hockey team.
  • Join a women’s ice hockey team.
  • Ice dancing or figure skating
  • Speed skating
  • Ice skating birthday parties
  • Try an ice disco with music, a DJ and disco lights.
  • Watch an ice show.