Alexandra Palace Ice Rink (Haringey Ice Rink)

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink has an unlikely location. The ice arena can be found in a Victorian-style palace, set in almost 200 acres of beautiful parkland. Alexandra Palace is a multi-purpose venue based in north London, just east of Muswell Hill.

The ice rink (sometimes known as Haringey Ice Rink) is home to a number of ice hockey teams, including the Haringey Huskies of the NIHL 2 South league. It is just one of 41 ice rinks in the UK that are home to competitive ice hockey teams.

Information For Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

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Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink Parking

Alexandra Ice Rink parking is convenient and free (although a £3 donation is suggested). The venue itself has several car parks, and there is also some on-road parking in the area.

Haringey Huskies Ice Hockey Team

Haringey Huskies is an ice hockey team playing in the UK’s NIHL 2 South (Wilkinson) division. The team is based at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink.

The amateur NIHL 2 league is the fourth-highest in the UK, behind the EIHL, NIHL National and NIHL 1 leagues. Thirteen teams compete in the southern division (see below), and nine teams compete in the northern division.

NIHL 2 South (Wilkinson) Teams

Basingstoke BuffaloLee Valley Lions
Bristol Pitbulls 2Oxford Rising Stars
Cardiff FirePeterborough Phantoms 2
Chelmsford WarriorsSolent Devils 2
Guildford PhoenixStreatham Black Hawks
Haringey HuskiesSwindon Wildcats 2
Invicta Mustangs

The teams charge for entry to games, generally £5-£10 for a non-concessionary adult and reduced rates for children and OAPs.

NIHL 2 South teams compete for the regular season title, the playoff title, and the Wilkinson Cup. The regular season runs from September to late March, and the season concludes in early April with a playoff weekend for the semi-final and final games.

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How Cold Is Alexandra Palace Ice Rink?

If you haven’t been to a hockey game before, you need to know that ice rinks are cold places (not a surprise!). And the closer you are to the ice, the colder you will be.

Also, hockey rinks in the UK aren’t heated, so temperatures in the arena drop in line with outside temperatures. We would rank Alexandra Palace Ice Rink as average for the UK in terms of arena temperature.

An infographic indicates that the temperature for spectators is average for the uk at alexandra palace ice rink also known as haringey ice rink
Alexandra Palace Ice Rink Temperature

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink Seating

Alexandra Palace is a sizeable arena with a capacity of over 1,000. The raised seating runs along one side of the arena, giving good views of the ice.

7 Best Ice Rink Activities To Do At Alexandra Palace Ice Rink

Watching an ice hockey game is just one of many things to do at Alexandra Palace Ice Rink. There is a wide range of ice rink activities on offer, including:

  • Public ice skating sessions
  • Ice skating lessons
  • Ice hockey lessons
  • Join a recreational ice hockey team.
  • Ice dancing or figure skating
  • Ice skating birthday parties
  • Try an ice disco with music, a DJ and disco lights.