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Learn How to Ice Skate

In this section you will find a selection of useful videos explain some of the basics of ice skating. So whether preparing for your first visit to an ice skating rink or you are wanting to brush up on your technique - we hope you will find these tutorials of use. Please be sure to check back to this page regularly, as there will be more skating tutorials coming soon.

Step 1 - How to Stand Up on Ice

When learning to skate one of the first things to learn is how to stand on ice, as let's be honest you are likely to be spending quite a bit of your time on your backside!

This excellent tutorial shows a great beginners technique for standing on ice from a seated position. Notice how the leading leg is kept solid to support your weight as you push down.

Step 2 - Basic Ice Skating and Stability

This next ice skating tutorial covers the basics of skating and stability techniques. One of the common pitfalls when learning to skate is incorrect blade positioning – This tutorial gives a clear demonstration on blade positioning, covering Inside Edge, Outside Edge and Sole.  

Step 3 - How to Stop on Ice

There are many ways of stopping when ice skating (other than crashing into the barrier). This tutorial shows two beginners techniques for stopping on ice – the two foot snow plow stop and the slightly more advanced one foot snow plow stop.

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